Object grounding and gesture

Over the past month, I’ve been reading a lot about how participants collaborate on physical tasks either in face-to-face situations or at a distance. I’m particularly interested, firstly, in discovering how participants in building tasks in virtual worlds refer to objects that they are using and come to a mutual agreement (« a common ground ») about which object they are manipulating, and secondly, what communication modes are utilised in this procedure and the role that gesture plays.

What I’ve been reading:

Cremers, A. (1996). Reference to Objects: An Empirically based study of task-oriented dialogues. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Retrouvé de http://www.narcis.nl/publication/RecordID/oai:library.tue.nl:461534

Fussell, S., Setlock, L., Yang, J., Ou, J., Mauer, E., & Kramer, A. (2004). Gestures Over Video Streams to Support Remote Collaboration on Physical Tasks. Human-Computer Interaction, 19(3), 273-309. doi:10.1207/s15327051hci1903_3

Piwek, P. (2007, Janvier). Modality Choice for Generation of Referring Acts: Pointing versus Describing. Conference Item, . Retrouvé Décembre 15, 2010, de http://oro.open.ac.uk/12135/

A short presentation about my reading can be found here: Object grounding and gesture in Collaborative Physical Tasks.